Very good work Ms. Esther. Much appreciated.
Very impressive. She settled in well and learnt a lot. Thank you.
My son has been at Sina Learning Centre for one semester. In the time he has shown great progress in all areas including academics and social skills.The teaching team at Sina are phenomenal!My son loves going to school everyday.
A. C
I am very impressed with my Lisa’s progress. She has grown in many areas – socially, emotionally, intellectually etc. Thank you so much. We really appreciate.
I learnt of Sina at a time when my son was transitioning from kindergarten to elementary. There are certain yardsticks I was looking for. My son settled in immediately and leaning has never been more fun. My son’s full potential has been unlocked and every day I am in awe at what a 6-year-old is able to achieve. Thanks to the teacher’s dedication and passion plus the management’s commitment to a beautiful, safe and conducive yet fun environment for learning.
C. M